Stronger focus on growing Landmark division in place for 2016

With a New Year, comes a change in direction for Crozier Enterprises as we focus on expanding the Landmark by Crozier division and its growing product lines. 

Effective December 1, 2015, Crozier Enterprises closed its Play! by Crozier division and all its product lines, with the exception of RockCraft, the leading manufacturer of concrete climbing rocks for bouldering (manufactured in BC, Canada's rock climbing capital). 

To provide a seamless transition with the change in representation of GameTime products in Ontario and Manitoba over to Park N Play Design Co. Ltd., Crozier Enterprises has tried to ensure that any and all open quotes and designed/committed projects through 2017 are honoured and completed as planned with no interruptions in service.

After successfully executing this new change, Crozier Enterprises Ltd. can now concentrate efforts on its larger Landmark division which is growing at a fast pace.

We found that the Landmark division continues to outperform the Play! division in all categories and had greater growth potential, therefore the decision was made to put all of our resources in supporting Landmark,” said Ken Crozier, president of Crozier Enterprises Ltd. “We are very pleased with the support we received from GameTime, Water Odyssey, Elephant Play and our other manufacturers during the changeover to Park N Play. With 32 years under our belt, we at Crozier do appreciate the loyalty from our good friends and business associates in the industry and look forward to continuing and expanding these relationships under Landmark.”

See what’s new for these highlighted product lines from Landmark by Crozier:

TWSI: As of January 1, 2016, the AODA standard is now law in Ontario. Included in this act is new legislation on tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI's), also known as DWP’s (Detectable Warning Plates). Visit our website dedicated to TWSI’s to get an understanding of the legislation and to ensure you are compliant.

SEALING SYSTEMS, INC.: NEW! The newest product line on the Landmark by Crozier roster is Sealing Systems, Inc., a national manufacturer and distributor of quality products for preventing manhole and sewer groundwater infiltration. The product line includes: Uni-Band, Gator Wrap, Flex-Seal and Aqua Seal.

We are very excited about this line as it fits well with our Neenah Foundry manhole products,” said Ken, adding, “There is great need for this product in Canada and in most cases it is the most cost effective solution from a time and price standpoint.”

Click HERE for more information on Sealing Systems, Inc., or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a Lunch and Learn, receive a Sealing Systems, Inc. binder or have us speak to someone in your public works department about the benefits.

LANDMARK BY CROZIER: Click HERE for the full list of Landmark’s extensive product offerings. Contact your Landmark representative to request a quote or more information on any products.

2016 E-blast Schedule: Please note that due to the closure of the Play! by Crozier division, you will no longer be receiving monthly Play! e-blasts. The Landmark e-blasts will continue to be circulated on a quarterly basis, with the next e-blast scheduled for April, 2016. Thank you to our loyal followers! 

RockCraft is pleased to announce that we are once again featured in the the July Playground issue of the Christian School Products Magazine, for the second year in a row. Click on the image below to view the full article: Boulders and Climbing Rocks in Schools.


RockCraft Boulder a hit with kids, teachers and local media at expo!

More than 5,000 attendees piled into the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)'s annual convention and expo April 7-9, and most made a beeline towards RockCraft’s fun and challenging Climbing Boulder.


RockCraft, the leading manufacturer of concrete climbing rocks for bouldering, was one of 302 exhibitors inside the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL., and drew thousands of eager kids, teachers and other attendees to their booth space, all eager to try their hand at climbing the boulder.

RockCraft's North American Sales Coordinator Cathy Reid, Designer/Operations Manager David Burns & RockCraft/Crozier Enterprises President Ken Crozier were on hand giving away IROCK T-shirts to the first 200 visitors who climbed all the way around the Granite boulder.

Media representatives from the Catholic News Service were on hand covering the event, and took notice to the smiling crowd surrounding the boulder. RockCraft’s Ken Crozier was asked to share his insights from the expo. Read his response:

One hit with youngsters at the show, including a group of Bible-era "Elijah dancers" from one Orlando school, was a rock climbing experience provided by Rock Craft, a Canada-based maker of fabricated climbing boulders for preschoolers to teens and for adults. "We normally don't come to these types of shows and part of the reason we came is that we felt it is so important to have a hands-on experience," said the company founder, Ken Crozier, who notes that his company is based in the rock climbing capital of Canada and that the product designers are themselves climbers. "You have to be able to design the boulders so that whatever age category or body type has sufficient types of holds for feet and hands," added Crozier, who said the company has some Catholic schools as clients. "We were very pleased that kids who were performing at the conference enjoyed the boulder; one particular young fellow was on the boulder for an hour and a half nonstop."

Continue Reading: NCEA exhibition hall offers a universe of goodies, product demos


Every year, we give you our roundup of the hottest products and services that came across our desks from manufacturers and dealers in the school market.

This issue should be your school's wish list, as you continue to evaluate and select products to help you operate your educational facility more effectively and efficiently.

In every issue through the year, every single product or service we cover in the magazine is there because we think it's something that you will find useful, so we're excited about each and every one in all of our issues.

Our sole mission is to help you make purchasing decisions, so we're all about products, all the time. This list reflects the "best of the best."

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At RockCraft we strive to create the best “green” playground climbing boulders and to continually reduce our carbon foot print. Using locally sourced natural products that are exceptionally durable allows us to create a unique climbing experience, which requires little to no maintenance. Each boulder comes with an industry leading 15 year warranty.

Here's how we do it:

  1. We reduce our material use:

    a. Our boulders are hand troweled vs. pulled from a mold.

    i. We only use as much product as we need, creating less consumption.

    ii. Painting is done by hand. There is no over spray, thus creating less waste and air pollutants.

    b. We Recycle water- During the sculpting and curing process we reuse the water multiple times.

  2. We produce boulders with exceptional durability with little maintenance requirements.

    a. Boulders do not need to be replaced frequently.

    b. RockCraft boulders have a very long life span. The useful life should be anywhere from 80-100 years.

  3. We get our wood frame materials from a certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) distributor, who sells approved lumber, which promotes healthy relations with indigenous communities and the preservation of biodiversity.

  4. Our paints are low VOC’s.

    a. This means they are very low in Volatile Organic Compound. The clear coat safety sealant is less than 100 grams per liter. (3.33 lbs./gallon)

  5. 95% of our production materials are sourced locally in Vancouver / Burnaby, BC.

  6. We use natural or minimally processed products

    a. Products that are natural or minimally processed can be green because of low energy use and low risk of chemical releases during manufacture. These can include wood products, agricultural or nonagricultural plant products, and mineral products such as natural stone.

  7. Downloadable brochure- This cuts down on our paper usage.

  8. When shipping we try to always pair the boulders with other freight going to similar locations. We use LTL freight whenever possible.This reduces the amount of carbon emissions that would be released when shipping a truck without a full load.

Finally, there is no single common definition of a “green” product, but the US Department of Commerce’s Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative sums it up as: “The creation of manufactured products that use processes that minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, are safe for employees, communities, and consumers, and are economically sound.”* * US Department of Commerce (2011), Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative website.

RockCraft is pleased to announce that we are prominently featured in the month's issue of the Christian School Product Magazine. Click on the image below to view the magazine.



In the St. Francis Medical Center, infant and toddler playground area there are 6 RockCraft Kids Ascender climbing boulders, sand play area, a spray fountain, a children’s garden and asphalt tricycle path which offer plenty of creative play opportunities. The children’s play area is fenced for security. On the other side of the fence a landscape area separates the playground from the parking lot. Here, are life-like fiberglass animals—a giraffe and three elephants—that add another fun element to the children’s area.

Click here to read more:


The Los Alamos Park is a green belt that spans across many blocks; the Boulder playground is located at the east end of the park, which is located at: 568 N Creston, Mesa, AZ 85213

This park is surrounded by the Eastern Canal, and the Groves neighborhood. Los Alamos Park is a long stretch of grass that has power lines running overhead….. but at the east end you will find a surprise!

A new boulder climbing park! There you will discover 6 RockCraft boulders in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. Each one is unique because of the diversity and number of hand sculpted holds. Whether you have never climbed before, or you are very experienced, this park has something for you!

“We have been very pleased with the variety of play and age groups on the RockCraft boulders at Los Alamos Park. The playground has gone from rarely being used to having a diverse group of kids and adults practicing their bouldering skills."




Bouldering is one of the Nation's, if not the World’s fastest growing adventure sport.

Bouldering is typically limited to short climbs practiced horizontally on large boulders. It is done at low heights, without a rope with one's feet usually within 2'-4' above the ground. This style of climbing emphasizes power, strength and agility, focusing on individual moves or short sequences of moves. Boulder routes are commonly referred to as problems because the nature of the climb is often short, curious, and much like problem solving.

Since the dawn of man there has been rock climbing. Watercolors have been found depicting men climbing rocks as far back as 400 B.C. Over the centuries the development of climbing as a recreational pastime has grown. By the 1800's the "modern era" of mountaineering was in full swing.

As the sport grew in popularity so did the business opportunity. Tools began to be developed to help the climber ascend more difficult climbs. A climbers grading system was created in order to compare climbs more accurately.

Naturalists like John Muir made first ascents of Cathedral Peak in Yosemite, at the same time the sport of rock climbing began to explode in the Lake District and Wales in Great Britain.

By the end of the 1920's European techniques and tools began making their way across the ocean. Belays (the practice of controlling the rope fed out to a climber) and hanging bivouacs (a tent) made Big Wall Climbing the new direction.

Today, this highly specialized sport has got its grip on the world. As Rock Climbing skills have grown an "extreme" culture has become established. Today you can find instructors and guides in many fantastic places ready to teach the next generation of climbers.

At RockCraft, Bouldering is our specialty! Our manufacturing and design team focuses on being the best at creating the most natural looking and challenging artificial boulders on the market. With years of climbing experience our team hand sculpts each individual boulder to create the most realistic experience. We have a variety of IPEMA certified models to choose from, ranging in size and shape, catering to ages 2-5, 5-12, and adults.

Consider the benefits of bouldering; could your neighborhood, school, or community park benefit?

No other activity combines the components of strength, flexibility, balance, control, risk, cooperative play, and trust, better than bouldering. A workout for your entire body from your finger tips to your toes. Bouldering will get you in truly great shape and tremendously develop core musculature strength while using natural body movements.

Why wait, GO BOULDER!

Click here for a map of our boulder locations across the U.S and Canada. 

Written by David Burns

David is an avid climber and outdoor enthusiast. He is the lead designer and operations manager for RockCraft.



RockCraft turtle_featured_in_IPEMAs_newsletter


RockCraft Turtle boulder featured in IPEMA newsletter. Please click on the picture to see the full article and get more information on the U.S. Play Coalition's Annual Conference and Grants that will be available. 

Lizard-5 Cheops-3-1


Lizard and Cheops Product Profile found in The PARK & REC TRADES

RockCraft Designs is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of playground climbing boulders, specalizing in stand alone, free standing, individual or paried boulders. Each boulder is designed specifically for bouldering as compared to the industry in general, where the boulders are used either as transition points to post and deck equipment or net climbers. Read more


lande-newsfrom asla


RockCraft Designs has been manufacturing and selling climbing boulders since 2001. With the popularity of climbing growing and the resurgance of natural play, using climbing boulders in designs for parks and playgrounds has become increasingly more common. You can often find boulders at local schools, recreation centers, or community parks. READ MORE


Thanks to the City of Upper Arlington Parks and Recreation Department for posting such great pictures of thier new Boulder Garden.

Located at:

3855 Reed Rd

Upper Arlington, OH 43220

"These giant rocks are a great new addition to Reed Rd. Park. We hope that you can come out and try these great new climbing boulders."

View Pictures

The boulder garden includes the Fitz Roy, Cheops and the Chief.  


This article featured in Playground Magazine examines 5 things to consider when determining whether it is a good idea to include climbing boulders into your park or playground. 

"Bouldering is now a sport in its own right with more than 9 million plus climbers and 600 related facilities in the United States alone. In bouldring you can experience the same adventures, problem solving and physical challenges as rock climbing but the height is usually at 10-20 feet or less above the ground." READ MORE on Page 15 & 16